Trump goes for bake off apple pie combat

In a startling move Trump has tweeted that he will meet with the leader of Iran, only if he can bring apple pie to the table.

Trump further tweeted that he wants to “really show what the US is made of”, by engaging in hand-to-hand apple pie combat. It would appear that Bake Off has reached the US and Trump has become a keen ‘Baker’ in his spare time.

On the other hand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has revenge tweeted – “Who ate all the Pies? Clearly, he did”, but sees no other way, but to meet with this demand and bring his own version of Pie to the table. He went on to state that he will have “no trouble in showing who will be the only one to leave the room with whipped egg on his face”. Civilians need to prepared, as this could spell the start of a long and difficult World Pie Bake Off.

In a further development, Trump has also tweeted that is he is considering taking the humble apple pie HYPERSONIC. Quite what this will mean for the Iranian President, or indeed apple pies, is at this time, unknown.

Work on the new hypersonic pie has been kept top secret, although a source indicated that Peaches were being experimented with, so one can only hope that Trump doesn’t end up in another sticky mess with the Democrats.