Man finds his stolen car being sold online

Man finds his stolen car being sold online, gets offered a discount after he confronts the seller

In an unique incident being reported from Kent, a man who had his car stolen a couple of days back found it listed online on one of the online used cars selling websites. After he along with his bodybuilding friend went to confront the seller, he was calmly offered a discount, if he wanted to buy the car back.

We spoke to the car owner for some clarity, “Well I had taken my car to the flea market on Sunday and as I returned back from haggling with the sellers, I found my car was missing. I initially checked the flea market itself to see whether someone has decided to put it up for sale there but no luck. Some days later while searching used cars websites for buying a new care, I suddenly spotted my missing car. I rushed to the buyer and confronted him, but rather than give it back he calmly offered me a discount and stated the car was his property now. Even the cops are refusing to help me.”

This case is surprisingly similar to reports about a cyclist from Bristol, being told by a stranger about her cycle being listed for sale on Facebook, a day after it was stolen from Bristol’s city center.

After finding it out, the owner along with the stranger who helped her, decided to do something to get her expensive German cycle back. She along with the stranger contacted the listed seller and posed as a prospective buyer. After meeting the seller cum thief she started asking silly questions about the bike and convinced the seller to let her take a test ride. After wobbling for a few yards, to throw the seller off the guard, she suddenly picked up speed and dashed away with her own bike.

Apart from getting her bike back, she also noticed that the thieves had helped her out by fixing her bike’s lamp and sprucing up its paint.

Now the owner of the stolen car too is strongly considering repeating the same thing but suspects that even the thief might now be on the guard to prevent such an incident.

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