Man asks space agency to send his cranky neighbour to space

Man asks space agency to send his cranky neighbour to space and keep him there

A man living in Japan has requested their space agency to send his cranky and downright nauseating neighbour to space so that he would never have to see him again.

He apparently has reached to having such a hatred for his neighbour thanks to the persistent efforts of the latter to make life as miserable as possible everyone in the locality.

Recently it has been reported that Japan has decided to enter the space race and plans to put a man on the moon by 2030. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has for the first time expressed its intent to explore the Lunar surface. By doing this so it would join other Asian countries like India and China in the space race.

We spoke to the man for more details, “ You see I hate my neighbour and so does everyone else in this locality. We have tried every trick in the trade to make him move like buying him another house, bribing him, threatening him using the mafia, making hoax calls claiming that his house was going to be struck down by a missile but no he still refused to move.

After we had almost given up hope we noticed that our space agency is planning on taking people to space. We then wondered if we could convince our space agency to take our neighbor to space and then keep him there. This would be a win-win situation for us as not just would we get rid of him, no other space agency apart from ours would then try to colonise the moon as frankly nobody would be able to tolerate his presence.

According to sources the Japanese space agency is seriously contemplating following this route and is finding ways to convince the neighbour for his participation.

The neighbour was unfortunately not available for comment as he was busy digging his garden with a sledgehammer to cause maximum noise discomfort for people living nearby.