Man already looking forward to bone chilling winter

Man already looking forward to bone chilling winter after breaking first sweat of the summer

A local man is already looking forward to the time he would be frozen at his home during the winter after the first beads of summer sweat appeared on his forehead.

Summer this year might turn out to be a taxing affair for many as weather forecasters predict a very hot one in the UK. According to reports meteorologists predict that all the states starting from Glasgow to London would be engulfed in the heat wave. This heat wave is projected to fully hit from June to August.

This has sent many people into panic mode as they are rushing to buy or repair Air-Conditioners or converting their oversized fridge into a bedroom. One man, who isn’t a fan of the summer and the sticky, itchy sweat which accompanies it, is already looking forward to the winter where the temperatures would drop down into the negative. Around that time would even have trouble moving his hand while trying to chug from the bottle of brandy which was his only saviour during the perilous time.

We spoke to the man for more clarity in this regard, “Well you see during the harshest winter months I used to pray for the summer to arrive soon so that I could at-least change my clothes without turning into a lump of ice first. Now that my wishes have been answered and I would soon start sweating buckets, I have kind of started to miss the harrowing winter. I hope it comes back. At-least I didn’t need to shower back then.”

When asked as to what he would do in order to get through the summer he said that he had set up a crowd-funding exercise in order to raise funds for him to travel somewhere near the Tropic of Capricorn in Australia where the winter is about to start. When further asked about what would happen if he would start missing the summer after he moves there, he stated that he would keep shuttling back and forth between America and Australia to ensure ideal weather conditions.