Football Tragic’s Wife Loses Big, Used to it!

We all have that mate that is so into football that they only speak about the things the team does as “we”. He’s so into it that he thinks that he’s on the bloody team. The only thing sadder then these lads is the poor people that marry them.

At first, they might be impressed by their passion for the game but when the World Cup comes around they are essentially widowed. Some of these poor souls turn to the drink, while others turn to drugs, or as in the case of Karen Derra, both!

“Look, I’ve come to terms with my poor life choices. I have a husband who would rather root England’s captain then me, and children that are one assault conviction from proper hooligans. It’s no wonder I play,” Karen tells us in between puffs on her cigarette and sip of cheap scotch.

Karen tells that she plays to feel, as she’s left unfulfilled in her love life. Or as she puts it, “That bloke could have the keeper pulled and still not score a goal. He’s just not up for it. If you catch my drift.” Sadly, we do, Karen.

While football is meant to be a bit of fun, there are those that take it a bit far. For those, there is help, for those that realise it’s just a bloody game we know the best place to play. Are we talking about football or drinking? That’s up to you.