Chinese Billionaire has 44 friends

A Chinese Billionaire property tycoon has bought a £210 million, 45-bedroom mansion in Knightsbridge, London. He was reported as saying “I am really happy with my purchase, as I sat and counted my friends and I have exactly 44 friends, so now they can all stay at once”.

When asked what else attracted him to the local area, he said “I was over the moon to find I had a supermarket just down the road, for when I feel a bit peckish – Harrods, I believe it’s called”.

Not only does he get to have his 44 friends to stay over at once, but he also broke a record by spending the most amount of money on a property, in the World. His only concern is, where does he go from here? It will be hard to top that kind of eye-watering spend elsewhere in the world.

Nonetheless, he is said to be overjoyed at the prospect of his first sleepover, as long as the guests can find their way back to their rooms.