Champagne & Caviar for Bojo in Cattle Class

The UK Prime Minister has managed to escape to the private Millionaire Island of Mustique to bring in the New Year with his Beau. Choosing to escape Brexit and indeed the UK – possibly soon to be known as just – K, he has jet-setted off to an Island to bring in the New Year with people that truly understand him.

Sadly, however, he is currently slumming it in cattle class, so as to keep the general tax-paying public happy. Since he is saving money on the flights, the airline has provided an in-flight menu of Caviar and Champagne to make up for any shortfalls in the low-class seating arrangements.

The seating arrangement was ‘tricky’ said one of the cabin crew, ‘due to security reasons’, so in the end it was thought best to fly only the PM and his partner out on the flight. If you add up the cost of all the empty seats, it is still less than the £100K RAF Private Jet that was originally going to be used. On arrival to Mustique, he will stay in a luxury villa and will thereby gather strength to return to the UK and ‘Get Brexit Done’ – eventually.