Jackpotjoy Easter Promos and More

Play Bingo Royale at Jackpotjoy

In the Bingo Royale Room from now until the 29th April, from 2pm until 23.59, you can win guaranteed jackpots online based on the price of the bingo cards. For example, if you buy 10p cards, the guaranteed jackpots online are £10, if you spend 25p, then the guaranteed jackpots online are £25 and lastly, if you spend £1, the guaranteed jackpots online are a healthy £100. Not bad at all for a bit of uk bingo fun!

Play UK Bingo and Win a £2,000 Super Jackpots Online with Jackpotjoy

Before the 30-thousand smackeroo game, you can also have a little warm-up in the Lounge Room from 6-7pm. Tickets are a bargain crazy 10p per card and if you call bingo in 49 calls, you walk away with the jackpot. If you scoop the progressive at the same time, Jackpotjoy will give you both. Sounds like loads of presents for easter!

Lounge Around in the Lounge on a Sunday - Play UK Bingo & win £30,000 with Jackpotjoy

For those that fancy a break after dinner, you could always join the Lounge Room between 7-8pm tonight. To be in with a chance to win a super jackpot, all you have to do is buy 10 tickets and then call bingo in 46 calls. What is truly inspirational about this game, is that if you were to win the jackpot and the progressive jackpot at the same time, you will be credited both of these jackpots online. Now wouldn't that rock your sunday, your easter and your world?!

Calling all April Birthday UK Bingo Players!

Jackpotjoy have put the icing on the cake for you, by giving you something free to sign-up and play bingo for. Once you have signed-up and got all your lovely bingo bonuses, you can go to their Birthday Cake and click on your candle of choice, don't forget to click the take part button! At the end of the month (30th April), Jackpotjoy will show all the cash prizes behind the candles and that cash prize will be yours. The cash prize can be as much as £100 and all for FREE. Jackpotjoy, we find, always like to give a little bit egg-stra! (Painful easter joke!)

Jackpotjoy has so many jackpots online to be won. It would be unrealistic to list them all here, so I have listed the ones that I think you can benefit most from today!

Happy Easter Everyone and be lucky today :) x